Who is Qandeel Baloch? Photos, Videos, and Contact Details

Many are still scratching their heads over the point that who really is Qandeel Baloch, and where she came from. It won’t be wrong to call her the social media queen of Pakistan, with captivating more than 5 Lakh followers on social media she has also stayed in the main stream media for her controversial acts.


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Every of her latest video gets around 6 lakh views on average, with seeing this girl in limelight many are pondering that what talent she posses and what made her the overnight sensation on social media.

Qandeel Baloch introduces herself as model, singer and also an actress, but till the dates she hasn’t done anything professionally in this field. After getting out from the initial stages of singing competition Pakistan Idol, she made her Facebook page, which was all about her crazy antics, which most of the time went with weird makeup and with a caption ‘Mujhe Nind Nahe Aarhe’.

Later on, she tried to grab the limelight with more of her skin show and glamour, that worked in her favor and many of the people just stick to her official Facebook page to abuse her or criticize her. Luckily, this also made her wide popular among the Internet users in Pakistan.

The video which went on to make her notorious even in the neighboring country was the famous ‘Chai Wala’ in which she bashed the Indian Prime Minister.

After doing so she changed her targeted audience and went on to avail the ICC World T20 2016. She promised to release her strip dance video if Pakistan wins it against India. Green Shirts repeating it again lost, but the strip dance trailer released by Qandeel Baloch made her immensely popular around the globe as ICC World T20 2016 was one of the most looked after sports events globally.

Her recent videos which hit the bulls eye were about proposing Virat Kohli and smashing BCCI & IPL.

Qandeel Baloch Videos

Qandeel Baloch ‘Strip Dance Trailer’


Qandeel Baloch calling ‘Chaiwala’ to Indian PM

Qandeel Baloch showing her love for Virat Kohli


Qandeel Baloch bashing BCCI and IPL over not including Pakistani cricketers


Qandeel Baloch Photos

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Contact Qandeel Baloch

Email: qandeel.quebee@gmail.com

Qandeel Baloch Official Contact

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