Ducky Bhai vs Shaam Idrees & Froggy Videos

Pakistani Social Media and YouTube content makers are doing well as they are being watched in Pakistan but also they have a viewers from India and around the world. But as the Ramadan is about to begin,  two well established Social Media Youtubers Ducky Bhai and Shaam Idrees are at each others throat and making videos to bring down each other.

It has all started after Saif-ur-Rehman aka Ducky Bhai, made a  roast video  on Shaam Idress and co-content makers Froggy. Ducky Bhai usually use language which can be termed as PG+18. So after the video, Ducky Bhai’s 250k likes page of Facebook is strike down due to abusive language. After days, Shaam Idrees do admitted that he had remove the page of Ducky Bhai  from Facebook. As they say, Rest is Mess now..

Ducky Bhai came out with another video on Shaam Idress in which he called him Scam Iblees.  In 20 minutes long video, Ducky Bhai claimed that Canada base Social Media content maker is fake and fraud. He is manipulating his audience by giving nothing. He use click-bait technique to lure viewers. Ducky Bhai claimed that there are many words like  “Fake, “Scripted”, “Drama” and “Chuss” are banned on Shaam Idrees Youtube channel because he is afraid of criticism. Go watch Full video below

Video by Ducky Bhai:


Ducky Bhai poked Shaam Idrees  and then YouTuber with million subscriber,  made 14 minutes long video on which he tried to counter all the allegations leveled by Ducky Bhai against him. He also included Froggy in the video to clear her side as well about the comment on Pakistanis.

Video by Shaam Idrees:


A thought:

Pakistan based  and Foreign based  Social Media stars should try to end this open bashing of these two aggrieved content makers. Both are Pakistanis , they have a audience and voice of their own. They should not let their anger to come better of them.

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