Junaid Jamshed Masjid Photos , Video opens in Karachi

Juniad Jamshed will be remembered by millions of fans for his work for music and afterwards for religion. Junaid Jamshed met unfortunate end in December 2016 when his plane crashed and as a result all the passengers died. To commemorate his memories ,  Masjid (Mosque) is established in Karachi on his name. Juniad Jamshed Masjid Photos and Video added below. 

“Shaheed Junaid Jamshid” located at at Singer Chowrangi Korangi at J. Unit 2, Karachi.  By looking at the photos and video of Masjid, it has built on modern theme and equipped with all the latest equipment required for Masjid.

Actor and Host Sanam Baloch, shared photos of Masjid and remembered Junaid Jamshed with respect.

Sanam Baloch said, ‘Junaid Jamshed Masjid’ has been inaugurated today at Singer Chowrangi at J. Unit 2, . Such a beautiful mosque. The mosque has been named in loving memory of our beloved and dearest . Please do remember Junaid Bhai in your prayer”.



Junaid Jamshed became famous through singing, his band “Vital Signs”, produced the music in early 90’s to till 2000. JJ has captured the imagination of large audience not in Pakistan but overseas as well. He was good looking man as well and remained  part of many  mega projects of entertainment’s industry.


Juniad Jamshid’s life took turn in early 2000’s  when he joined Tabligi Jamat, (  Deoband Movment ). He was under the influence of  Maulana Tariq Jamil a famous evangelist and remained very close to him till death came to take him. After his transformation to new man not spirituality and physically as well.

Junaid Jamshed transformation


Before his untimely death, Junaid Jamshed was quite active in Tabligi Jamat. He was also looking after his chain of business. In which most renown was his outlets  of Men and Women stitched clothes.


Photos and Video of  late Junaid Jamshed Masjid  in Karachi:


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