Five homemade Drinks in Ramadan 2018

WEBDESK: Muslim around the world observe fasting in the month of Ramzaan .This time around,  holy month for Muslim living specially in   Pakistan ,India and Bangladesh is coming in extreme hot weather. We are advising your five drinks to escape and avoid heat in the Ramadan 0f 2018.  15 to 17 hours long Fasting period going to happen in South Asia.


(1) Lemon Drink:

Call it Lemo pani , Shakanjabeen or it may have other names in the regional languages . But it is easy to make and cool off the system. Lemon has nutritional value so it also helps to regain energy that it consumed due to fast. It can be used with black pepper and mint to add more taste.

Lemon Drink in Ramadan

(2) Milk Shake

Milk works as power supply to humans . After the long day of fasting, milk shake with fruit can boast your mood. Fruits like Cheeko, Strawberry, Banana and Mango tastes the flavour. Some nuts like almonds, pistachio and Cashewnuts (Kaajo) can added to refill energy.

Milk Shake in Ramadan


(3) Falsa(Phalsa) Juice:

Falsa Juice is refreshing and tasty. It can be easily made in home. All you need is falsa (phalsa) and grinder or juicer at home. You can add black pepper to add flavour.

Falsa in Ramadan

(4) Water Melon Juice:

Water Melon would be available in Ramadan this time around. Water Melons low at calories but . Red colour of Melon looks pleasant to eyes as well. Water Melons are low cost fruit. It is can be purchased easily from any nearby fruit shop.



(5) Lassi:

Lassi is love for many and those who don’t tried it yet are denying pleasure to themselves. Lassi is the best desi drink to have in scorching heat. Yougurt is only ingredient in Lassi. There are many types of Lassi available commercially in market. With sugar or with Salt, Lassi can quinch your  thirst with in no time.

Lassai in Ramadan


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