Asma Hamid AG Punjab Family Background, Education

WEBDESK: Chief Minister Punjab has about to complete to his two consecutive terms in the office. Before going home for the preparation of next elections, Shahbaz Sharif has appointed  first ever women Advocate General (AD) Punjab, Asma Hamid. For the interest of our viewers, Asma Hamid AG Punjab’s family  background, Work Experience and  Education is written below.


Asma Hamid Advocate General of Punjab hold degrees of prestigious Universities. She had done  B.A and L.L.B from Punjab University Lahore. She has completed L.L.M from Harvard Law School, USA in Constitutional Law.

Work Experience:

45-years-old  Asma Hamid illustrious career is worth telling. She remained part of top laws firms of Pakistan. She practiced  in commercial and contractual law. Senior Lawyer  assisted the Goverment of Sindh for heritage protections laws. degree holder started working with government of Punjab in 2014, first as a Assitant Adovacted General Punjab. After that she assisted in the position of Additional Advocate General of Punjab since 18 Feb, 2015. She advised on issuses of criminal,revenue, civial to constituional matters during his tenure.

Family Background:

Hailing from Sailkot, Asma Hamid has very strong family background . His Father and Uncle remained at very important positions in Punjab and Federal level. His father Shahid Hamid was governor Punjab between 1997-1999. Her Uncle Zahid Hamid held key positions in current PML-N government. He served in the capacity of Federal Minister. Handled ministries of Law and Information Technology (I.T).

Left: Shahid Hamid, Right Zahid Hamid

First Challenge of newly appointed  AD Punjab:

To hold a key position in the largest province of Pakistan is really a achievement. Her  job without any doubt would be full of challenges and pressure.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has wrote a lettter to the Chief Election Commissioner and caretaker CM Punjab, to revisit the government decision on the appointment of Asma Hamid as AD Punjab. PTI complains  required procedure for the appointed has not been followed and Asma Hamid’s close relatives are  PML-N party members.


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