Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter makes Video to defend remarks

Abid Sher Ali Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Minister’s daughter made a video to defend his father remarks  even after National Assembly has passed a resolution of condemnation against harsh remarks .


Abid Sher Ali’s daughter in a short video, she  defended his father with conviction. She said,” He is man of great honour and respect. He has never disrespect any woman in his entire life. Today people are using term, “Jahil” (illiterate) for him just because of social media scandal. We as a muslim have no right to promote the culture of  vulgarity in the name of modesty and freedom”.

Referring to comments made by Shireen Mazari to Speaker National Assembly,  PML-N leader’s daughter said that no body has raised any objection against Shireen Mazari when she used a word ‘Yaar’ to call a speaker national assembly. Everyone enjoyed it.
How should women behaves, PML-N stalwart daugher’s opined, ” Women are strong creature of Allah Pak. We should respect ourselves first if we need men to respect us”.

Abid Sher Ali’s daughter Video:


Controversy sparked after  Abid Sher Ali spoke  in a public gathering in his home town Faisalabad. He had commented on the incident happened during the budget speech. When Mifat Ismail was giving budget speech, PTI members came at his dice to distrub him. PML-N members along with Abid Sher Ali came in front of Mifat Ismail. During this, both party members raised slogans against each other.


In a public gathering PML-N minister mocked Shireen Mazari. He degraded her by saying that she is not physically attractive at all.  He also ridiculed PTI young MNA Murad Saeed by saying, I have stick, I can give it to him. He also proudly told everyone listening his speech that your brother alone tackled them (PTI members).


Abid Sher Ali’s daughter is  quite young . She might have come to defend his father afer seeing a video doing rounds on social media. It was taken from a famous program of  journalist, Shoail Warriach. ” Aik din geo k sath”, in the short clip, Warrich asked one of Abid Sher Ali’s daughter about the best thing of his father. Innocent daguhter instantly, she does n’t like anythig.

Aik Din Geo k Sath Clip:

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